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The GROWFORD Institute offers a range of products and services to its users.

For macro-regulatory bodies:

• preparation of analytical reports and reviews in different financial and economic areas;

• elaboration of optimal strategies for the development of individual sectors and economy of the country as a whole;

• analysis of monetary and exchange rate policies of central banks and the state of money markets;

• study of the state of the banking system and individual banks, risk assessment;

• for central banks – development of monetary policy strategies, exchange rate policy optimization, as well as the banking system liquidity management policy;

• budget policy and public debt management research;

• development of strategies for optimizing public debt management;

• development of state programs and draft laws;

• economic and mathematical modeling and forecasting of financial, monetary and economic processes for decision making on macro-regulation.

For corporate governance bodies:

• preparation of analytics for decision making at the corporate governance level;

• creation of business models and strategies for development of companies;

• development of models of optimal financial management.

For universities and think tanks, the GROWFORD Institute offers cooperation in research and education projects and in holding international and regional conferences, seminars and roundtables.

For the population, the GROWFORD Institute provides consultations on financial awareness (literacy), understanding of financial market issues, monetary and banking regulations.

Press Releases Publications

05 August 2020 year

Доходи державного бюджету: позитивні зрушення на нестійкій базі, - колонка Тетяни Богдан

03 August 2020 year

Триєдність цілей НБУ: секрет досягнення, – стаття Тетяни Унковської

27 July 2020 year

Надійний та безальтернативний внутрішній кредитор Уряду, – блог Тетяни Богдан

25 July 2020 year

Антициклічна фіскальна політика в глобальному та національному вимірах, – колонка Тетяни Богдан

15 July 2020 year

Економічна криза в Україні: що потрібно зробити владі для порятунку економіки країни, – коментар Тетяни Богдан


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