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The GROWFORD Institute is an independent non-governmental organization that undertakes strategic global research in economics and finance, assesses systemic risks and develops optimal models of economic growth for countries, regions and the world as a whole.

The priority is to study global financial and economic processes affecting Ukraine, to assess threats and opportunities, and identify optimal paths for the country’s rapid innovative development. An important part of the GROWFORD Institute’s activities is education, counseling and advocacy.

The mission of the GROWFORD Institute is to form a systemic vision of global processes and implement optimal economic solutions that will help bring Ukraine to the level of developed countries.

The GROWFORD Institute values:

- humanistic goals of development;

- intellectual honesty, objectivity of research and independence of thinking;

- openness to new ideas, focus on innovation and responsibility in their dissemination and implementation;

- full respect for the copyright of all researchers, analysts and experts;

- commitment to the goals of rapid innovative economic development of Ukraine, building its independence and global competitiveness, growth of the middle class and well-being of the whole society;

- focus on the eco-friendliness and safety of global development.

Founders of the GROWFORD Institute:

Vitalii Lomakovych, Member of the NBU Council in 2014 – 2015;

Tetiana Unkovska, Director of GROWFORD Institute, Doctor of Economics;

Nadiia Hladkevych, CEO of PJSC “Renome”;

Vitalii Kovalchuk, politician, public figure.

Press Releases Publications

22 September 2020 year

Крок до світлого монетарного майбутнього, – колонка Михайла Джуса

17 September 2020 year

COVID-шок для економіки, – стаття Тетяни Богдан

25 August 2020 year

У пошуках "цілющих" позик, – стаття Тетяни Богдан

05 August 2020 year

Доходи державного бюджету: позитивні зрушення на нестійкій базі, - колонка Тетяни Богдан

03 August 2020 year

Триєдність цілей НБУ: секрет досягнення, – стаття Тетяни Унковської


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